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Squash tips for beginner players
Probably the most important factor for beginning squash players who want to improve their ability to play squash, is court time. Once you become a more advanced player there are other things that come into play focusing on specific skills, but while you are a beginner you can almost guarantee you will improve by spending more time on the squash court.

The Correct Squash Grip
The correct grip in squash is fairly counterintuitive. Most players instinctive tendency is to grip the squash racket with a clenched fist. This grip lacks control and will severely hamper your ability to play touch shots as well as generate power.

Squash training tips for the player
The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to improve at squash is to keep your training specific for squash.

1. Make sure you train how you want to play. Control of the ‘T’ is paramount. So devise training routines which encourage you to volley and play squash from the middle of the court.

2. Always move back to the ‘T’ after every shot in your practices. If you are doing drive and boast, for example, make sure that you try to return to the ‘T’ after every shot. This not only will improve your fitness for squash, but more importantly simulates what happens in a game more.

3. Always practice harder than any match so when you come to a match the pace feels slow.

4. Its all about quality not quantity. I played my best squash when I spent less time on court but high quality. Listen to your body it will tell you when you have done enough. The quality will begin to drop and so your motivation.

5. Don’t be afraid to rest. Its all about stressing your body and giving it enough time to recover stronger and then going again. I like to train hard 2 days, then have a day off, train hard 3 days and then have a day off. But sometimes your body may tell you that you are tired so have an extra rest day to recover.

6. Always have targets on the court to try and hit so it concentrates the mind otherwise there is no quality.

Train how you want to play. Train specific! Ghosting is better than running because you are exercises your squash muscles.

The only way to get better is through hard work combined with correct practice and training.

Remember this !!!!!! When people say they don’t train they mean that they don’t do anything else other than play squash but at the end of the day the best form of training is playing squash so they are training hard and well.

Good luck but make sure that you train hard and with thought behind it but don’t be afraid to rest when you feel tired.

Hope the force is with you.

The importance of the squash serve
Every point in squash begins with a serve. This is a unique shot in that is the only one in squash that you have full control over. Because of this unique element of control and the opportunity provide you it?s worth practising this shot to gain the most advantage possible over your opponent.

A lot of beginners in squash us think that the way to focus on the sqush serve is to develop an ace point winning serve. This appears to pay dividends when you play other beginner squash players, but as you move up the ranks you will notice the better players will return a larger proportion of your sales it is rare to find top-level player who constantly return every single serve you can do, no matter how hard you hit the squash for.

Therefore instead of simply trying to perfect an ace serve, you should focus on restricting your opponents options. You can do this by giving him a very awkward shot to return. For example a good should serve should be typed into the side wall and should die in the back corner. This restricts the way that your opponent can return the ball and therefore give you an advantage in preparing the next shot.